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Trophy Hunting

Ethical hunting on foot!

Increasingly, game proof fences restrict the natural migration of game in Namibia. It is no longer exceptional to find 15 or more different large game species in a certain hunting area. Hunting trips become shorter, the number of trophies taken increases. Trophy hunting has turned into 7-day flat-rate tourism without any major surprises.

… but STOP

An African hunting trip should not merely be about the number of trophies taken, it should be a unique experience.

Not only does Namibia offer breathtaking sunsets, but also numerous other experiences to be savoured hands-on in the bush.

Hunting with us is not merely about killing animals, but offers a much more varied program.

With us you experience ethical hunting, which also includes watching the animals and stalking them.

Nothing beats sitting on a hill and watching nature awakening in the valley below.

Sitting around the camp fire under the Southern Cross in a companionable group, you may hear jackals howling and owls hooting while discussing experiences regarding the ways and habits of the animals with your hunting guide and trackers - a wonderful conclusion to a hunting day.

All these aspects in combination with a mature trophy obtained in accordance with the principles of ethical hunting add up to an unforgettable experience.

We accommodate individual travellers, families and groups and your individual preferences will be taken into account.

Okaturua Team
Okaturua Team
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