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We strive to make you feel at home and provide an excellent service throughout.

  • Okaturua Hunting Guest Testimonials
  • Okaturua Hunting Guest Testimonials
  • Okaturua Hunting Guest Testimonials
  • Okaturua Hunting Guest Testimonials
  • Okaturua Hunting Guest Testimonials
  • Okaturua Hunting Guest Testimonials


Dear Henner, Meike and Cedric

I came as a stranger and left as a friend. Thank you so much for all the wonderful hours we spend together, the delicious food and the funny stories.

I have shot many excellent trophies and Andreas is the best guide anybody can wish for.

I hope you will visit me in Portugal and we can enjoy some more good red wine.

I had such a special time with you and your family.

Thank you

September 2016

Paulo, Petro, Vasco, Vitor and Paulo

Dear Meike and Henner

It was a fantastic stay on you lovely Krumneck property. We had wonderful days. First of all we like to congratulate you on the quality of your hospitality, and the food that was mouth watering. Congratulations Meike, you and your team are the best.

About the hunting of course, we must say that was five star standards. It is a pleasure hunting in a open area what turns out to be a challenge to the hunters.

We saw a lot of wild life and very good specimens.

About the crew. Very professional. To finish we would all like to stay and are eager to come back ASAP.

Congratulations Henner. You deserve the team you have. Good work.

All the best

June 2016

Ole, Hans, Oddmar, Berit, Bjoern and Tongils from Norwegia

Thank you for the wonderful days in Krumneck. This is a paradise for those who like hunting and safari. We are all very satisfied. We have shot in total twenty animals with a lot of nice trophies. You have served us a lot of very very nice food fresh from the farm. Thank you for your great hospitality. We feel we are part of the family.

9 May 2016

Marius, Magne and Jorn, Norwegia

To Meike, Henner and staff,

Thank you all for opening your house and hearts for us. Some new, some old and everlasting friendships have been made. This place and people will never be forgotten. You are all the best!

Marius, Magne, Jorn and Pal, Norwegia

Thank you very much for another splendid stay at this paradise on earth. Teddy, Ulli, Meike, Henner – and Cedric – your hospitality is marvellous, and both the farm, food, nature and hunting is really something special. We’ve shot a lot of animals and experienced five very nice hunting days. This place, and you all, are very unique for us, and we all feel very lucky to be your guests. It’s always a very great pleasure. Hope we can do something in return one day. All the best and thank you very much. Hope to see you again in the near future.