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Hunting areas in namibia

Ethical hunting on foot!
Okazeni Jagdgebiet

The Okazeni hunting area measures 10 000 ha and spreads from the foot of majestic Mount Etjo. The landscape is hilly in the west and extends eastwards into the wide open plains of the Omaheke.

The Omaruru and Omatako rivers have cut their beds into this geologically very interesting landscape during many millennia.

Krumneck Jagdgebiet

Krumneck is situated on the edge of the escarpment forming the transition between the Khomas Hochland and the Namib Desert. The hunting area measures 11 400 ha and is part of the Auas Oanob Conservancy. The guest accommodation is situated on the banks of the Oanob River commanding a breathtaking view of the Krumneck lake, which is home to a variety of water birds such as herons, Egyptian geese and fish eagles.

Tualuka Jagdgebiet

The Tualuka hunting area of 7000 ha is situated in north-western Namibia and forms part of the Loxodonta Africana Conservancy. Shaded by huge Ana trees, the Huab River forms an ideal habitat for the free ranging desert elephants as well as two endemic Namibian species: Hartmann’s mountain zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae) and Damara dik-dik (Maoqua kirkii).