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The Okazeni hunting area measures 10 000 ha and spreads from the foot of majestic Mount Etjo. The landscape is hilly in the west and extends eastwards into the wide open plains of the Omaheke.

  • Okazeni Hunting area
  • Okazeni Hunting area
  • Okazeni Hunting area

The Omaruru and Omatako rivers have cut their beds into this geologically very interesting landscape during many millennia.

A variety of ecosystems provides suitable habitats for many different free ranging antelope that are attracted to this area by the diverse vegetation along the river banks. Small antelope such as duiker, steenbok and Damara dik-dik in particular find ideal shelter here.

Kudu, red hartebeest, oryx, blue wildebeest, impala and springbok as well as warthog visit the numerous waterholes in the savanna.

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The Okazeni hunting area is situated 200 km and about 2.5 hours driving time north of the international airport Hosea Kutako.

  • Okazeni Accommodation
  • Okazeni Accommodation
  • Okazeni Accommodation

Visitors are accommodated in two separate guest houses in double rooms with en suit bath rooms. Each guest house has a comfortable living room amply stocked with reading matter, where the guests can relax in the company of their travelling companions. A pool with a view over the adjacent lake provides welcome refreshment on a hot day.

Tourist attractions in the vicinity of Okazeni:

  • You may marvel at rock art dating back for 500 to 2000 years and documenting the masses of wild game inhabiting this area.
  • Look at the dinosaur tracks on the slopes of Mount Etjo.
  • On a nearby game farm you may observe elephant, rhino, hippo, giraffe and lion.
  • Visit Otjiwarongo, a typical Namibia town, and go to see the crocodile farm.